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Chapter 38 Her Father

  • Broderick turned to her and watched as she held onto his trouser, "let me go."
  • "No, you are torturing me. Please, my children are my reason for living," she pleaded with tears rushing down her cheek. 
  • "No," he declared, "My reputation matters a lot and I don't joke with it. Although I have not announced you to the world as my wife, I still expect for you to honour this marriage," Broderick said and withdrew his leg from her grip. 
  • As he began to walk away, Amy felt her heart clutch together in bitterness, she hurriedly stood and followed after him. What can she do convince this man who has a heart as rigid as a stone. He was too big for her that she felt very insignificant before him. She trailed after him as he walked towards his room. 
  • He held the knob of his door and twisted it, he walked in and turned to the entrance then he saw Amy standing with a weak and pitfyful face. 
  • "Please!" Amy pleaded. She knew that once he closes the door, she won't be able to have access to him anymore," I want to see my children. I feel empty without them." 
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