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Chapter 32 Love Me

  • Broderick who was just about to light his cigarettes raised his gaze up at her as soon she said those words. 
  • "What did you say?" he paused what he was about to do and seriously concentrated on her. 
  • "The children ars yours. I wasn't sleeping with random men at the club. I only had a night stand with you cause I was terribly heartbroken," Amy said. 
  • Unlike her previous words that he finds hard to beleive, he seems to believe this as he stood to his feet and asked," are you telling the truth?" 
  • "Yes, I found out I was pregnant two weeks after we had sex," she said. "I was hiding it from you because I was scared that you will take them from me. But I will rather let their father take them from me than to let a stupid jerk and cheat take them from me," Amy said. 
  • Broderick smiled, happiness spread across his heart, he quickly prayed in his heart that this wouldn't be a dream. 
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