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Chapter 22 I'll Ensure He Hates You

  • "Sure, it's not my concern," Amy smiled painfully and took her face from him. She wondered how he would react when he finds out that the six kids were for him. The only releif she has now was that he was kind to the kids, he was only cruel to her. 
  • "Answer my question?" He asked. 
  • Amy sincerely forgot the question he asked and immediately began to storm her brain for it, before she could remember, he felt his hand on her skirt, she glanced at him and back at the skirt she was wearing. The black skirt had stopped right above her knee. 
  • He pulled the skirt up slowly while his palm brushed against the skin of her palm, she instinctively wanted to close her lap eventhough she was enjoying it but his big palm separated her laps forcefully. It reached her pant and she almost let out a moan but quickly swallowed it. 
  • "Look at me," he demanded and Amy looked at his face," Don't take your face away from me or I will throw you out of this car," he threatened and then brushed his palm against her wet pant, he didn't slide his finger inside the pant at all, only that he pressed with his thumb against the skin of her vagina and perhaps because it had been six years that she felt a male's touch, she couldn't hold the moan and she can't deny that his touch felt so good. 
  • As a matter of fact, after a while of rubbing his thumb against her vagina, she longed for him to slide his finger inside of her, she couldn't hold out her moans anymore and her longing were visible on her face. He withdrew his hand back slowly and sat upright. 
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