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Chapter 100 Repeated Slaps

  • "Amy, please respond," Broderick requested when he saw that she was quiet, it was only then that Amy realized that she didn't utter the word 'yes' out. She said it in her mind. 
  • She fluttered her eyes opened and said, "I wish we are truly together, we can have sex all we want without feeling guilty." Amy had tears on her face when she thought of so many obstacles that surrounds them.
  • "Don't worry about those ones, just keep your heart with me and let's have fun," Broderick cleaned the tears on her face. 
  • Amy held his long dick and could feel the veins that had popped out of his hard dick. 
  • "I know you told me not to mention your wife but I want to ask, since you don't love your wife, why don't you divorce her?" 
  • "I can do that for you," Broderick responded. 
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