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Chapter 52 My Woman

  • One of the men appeared all of a sudden and saw one of them on the floor, "What! Bitch!" he shouted and others began to ran towards him, she threw her shoe towards the man and while the man was guiding the shoe from hitting him, she ran speedily towards the room. 
  • The three men in the room ignored her and ran speedily away, she was confused and wondered if she was a ghost, before she could take another step, she saw Broderick appeared. 
  • "Find and bring me those men," he commanded and his guards ran after them immediately. 
  • Amy was still trying to catch her breath cause she had just ran, trying to escape death. She looked at Broderick blankly and wondered how he found her. He walked towards her and wanted to grab her wrist but she pulled her hand away. She didn't want him to touch her. Was he not the one who sent her away and let her get kidnapped? He punishes and always makes up for a mistake. What if she had been raped and killed before he find her? She was angry. 
  • Broderick then said," let's go home." 
  • "I will find my way home," she said without daring to look at his face, she was scared of him but she still had to let him know that she was angry. 
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