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Chapter 86 Taking Her Out Of NorthHill

  • Broderick was stupefied to hear the kids speak this way. Broderick walked over to the boys and showed then a picture of Amy resting her head on Michael and hugging her, "did you still think that the man is forcing her?" 
  • The boys were also surprised to see the picture, they looked at Amy and wondered if she was truly in love with another man. Being in love with someone else is like abandoning them cause once she marries someone else, Broderick would eventually get another woman who would act as their mother. 
  • Amy almost cried. She didn't know that Michael took the picture of her resting on him and sent it to Broderick. She was only trying to comfort him, she wasn't doing that cause she loved him but who will beleive her? The picture speaks a volume and everyone now sees her as a bad person. 
  • Amy looked away shamefully, she regretted many things she has done. Michael only took advantage of the fact that she had a very soft heart and couldn't stand someone get hurt. 
  • "You guys can go inside, " Broderick said after a few seconds of silence. 
  • The boys exchanged a surprising look, they didn't know what to say again. They can't assume that a man is forcing marriage on their mother when infact, it was their mother resting comfortably at the bossom of the man. 
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