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Chapter 81 Fuck Me!

  • Irvin immediately parked and called again," boss!"
  • "This is the second time I'm seeing you with my woman. It's even more suspicious that you brought her to this private place," Broderick said. 
  • "She's my sister," Irvin responded and Broderick was surprised. "I lost her many years ago when I ran away from home. But I'm glad I found her now." 
  • "What did you think I'm supposed to know about this sister of yours?" Broderick asked. Thinking that there were some things that Amy might be hiding from him but would definitely tell her brother. 
  • "We haven't really spoken much. I confirmed she's my sister today and we plan to meet again in the future," Irvin said. 
  • "Drive," Broderick said and Irvin began to drive. 
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