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Chapter 107 A Strange Man

  • Amy's heart ripped apart mercilessly as she heard Broderick spill those words. Although they were not in a relationship, his words sounds like that of a break up. Tears rushed down her face like an heavy downpour of rain. 
  • She picked up her pillow and hugged it dearly, crying so hard inside her pillow until it became very soaked. 
  • Amy's door opened at that moment and Joan ran inside with her laptop, screaming," America's richest man had made an offer to become one of the shareholder of our company." 
  • But when Joan noticed the tears on Amy's face, the laptop in her hand almost dropped. She went ahead and dropped the laptop on the stool and went to her," Amy, what happened?" 
  • Amy cried even more, she wanted to speak but the more she tried to, the more words get stuck in her throat. 
  • Joan hugged her dearly and didn't say any word, Joan's eyes became litered with tears too eventhough she didn't know what was making Amy cry. She could just feel her pain. 
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