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Chapter 56 The First Person To Touch Her Dies

  • Her father had called her a day before that he wanted her to serve her at a special occasion, she refused at first but he insisted she must do it to gain his favor. No matter what, Amy still loved her father and of course wanted his favour. It's not because of his money, she just wanted to be in a good terms with her father. She had to agree to him thinking that she will just serve him as he wanted and leave afterwards. She had no idea that he had a plan of disgracing her. 
  • "Dad, why are you doing this to me? You were not like this when mum was alive," Amy said to everyone's surprise. 
  • "Are you alright, Amy? Did you know what you are saying? Are you trying to tarnish the mayor's image by claiming to be his daughter? ha! He was just trying to help your despicable life yet you dare to call him your father," Edith said. 
  • "There was a woman who use to be the Mayor's wife before you, Mrs. Edith, perhaps, that woman is her mother," one of the rich men who knew the Owen's family spoke. 
  • "What! Yes I did have a wife in the past but she died out of depression cause she was barren, she couldn't produce a baby. My first wife didn't have a baby. This is my new wife, Edith and she already has a daughter for me. That daughter is my only daughter," Carlton immediately cleared the air. The last thing he wanted was a criticism against his name. He was occupying a very sensitive position. A mayor of the entire city. 
  • "So, Mr. Please know that you can't understand the Owen's family matter more than the mayor," Edith said to the man who just spoke in defense of Amy. 
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