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Chapter 14 Where Is Mum?

  • "Is he our dad?" Moses whispered to Elijah. 
  • "Don't you see that he looked like you and Elisha?" Elijah answered and Moses also confirmed. 
  • Could he really be our dad? Moses thought and whispered to Elisha," did you think that this big uncle is our dad?" 
  • "If he is, he will have taken a look at us but he just ignored us," Elisha said. 
  • Broderick glanced at Elijah who just called him dad and then turned back to Nell with a smile," off to work, mother." He walked away majestically. 
  • Amy who had been extremely tensed up ran quickly towards them, "Elijah, why would you call him dad? Huh?" She was angry at him but was trying to calm. 
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