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Chapter 82 A Dangerous Agreement

  • Whereas, once Amy entered Michael's car, she Suddenlink felt guilty for how she walked away from Broderick. She could have at the very least tell Broderick that she would see him later. 
  • When she thought of opening the door and walk to Broderick to correct her misbehavior, Michael was already inside the car and had started the ignition of the car. It was only after the car had started moving that Michael asked her, "what's wrong?" 
  • Amy sighed," Mr. Michael, why did you call me your woman? Are you trying to make Mr. Broderick angry?" 
  • "Angry? Of course not! You have been my woman since we were a child and even now, you are still one. See...I'm not bothered about Broderick at all." Michael said and Amy angrily looked out through the window by her side. 
  • Broderick must be angry cause of how she reacted to him. Truth was, she almost didn't know what she was doing when Broderick appeared, she just wanted to see Michael who can help her save her brother. Nonetheless, she should have acted rationally. 
  • Amy wanted to place a call across to Broderick but she retracted her decision, she planned on meeting him tomorrow to explain things to him though she will have to hide the fact that her brother was kidnapped. 
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