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Chapter 79 How Can You Be So Cruel

  • Mayor, Edith and Nell have received the news of Ba's presence outside, they all ran outside to see for themselves. Ba had told them that he wouldn't come yet he seemed to be present here. 
  • However, when they got outside, they were shocked to see Ba holding Amy's hand possessively. There was so much rage in his ugly and scarred face and he looked like someone who will burn down an entire city. 
  • Nell quickly walked towards him and bowed slightly, " Mr. Ba, it's such an honour to have you here." 
  • Ba looked at her with an angry look and turned to Michael who was just trying to stand from the floor, " next time you touch her, I'll kill you." 
  • Everywhere became as quiet as graveyard, he took her inside his car and his driver drove away.
  • Amy was first of all glad that she escaped Michael's evil plot but why does Ba sound so much like Broderick? Or was that just a coincidence? Even his stature was like that of Broderick. 
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