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Chapter 30 He Took The Kids Away

  • The court day was today and here was Broderick seated majestically with his personal assistant and three of his executive assistant and head of guard seated around him. Amy was seating before him while Callan was seated alone on the rows of seat that was beside the ones that Broderick sat. 
  • Callan's lawyer was the first to speak, After speaking in defense of Callan, he presented the invalid divorce papers that Amy only signed but doesn't have the signature of Callan there. 
  • 'This jerk didn't sign it even after six years!' Amy mumbled angrily. 
  • Callan's lawyer then went ahead and talked about why the six children were for Callan. The six children were in a separate court room at this moment. None of the kids had an idea of what was going on but they were nervous cause of the little knowledge they had about court. 
  • Callan's lawyer went ahead and present a DNA test result that proved that the children were for Callan. 
  • Amy stood and shouted," what! That's not true. That result is forged." Amy was so sure of that. 
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