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Chapter 89 She Hit Him Again And Again

  • Amy had thrown a stone to the flowers to distract Michael and his men, once she saw that the three men ran to the flower, she ran to the gate of the house, opened it quickly and ran out. 
  • However, Michael and his men heard the gates being opened and once they turned, they saw Amy opening the gate, they ran quickly to the gate but before they got there, she was already out. 
  • "Get her!" Michael shouted and the two guards ran out quickly. 
  • Amy began to run as fast as her leg could take her, she looked back while running and saw these men running fast after her. 
  • She suddenly sighted a lady on a parked power bike, the lady was trying to remove the helmet on her head. Once Amy got to her, she pushed her off the power bike, climbed on it and began to drive as fast as she could. 
  • Once the guards saw Amy running speedily on a bike, they were shocked. They had no idea she could drive a powerbike that skillfuly. They had to pause and while panting heavily, one of the two guards placed a call across to Michael and once he answered, the guard said," Mr. Michael, she rode on a power bike and drove off." 
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