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Chapter 27 He Fed Her

  • It took another five seconds before he spoke," she was having sex with another man whose face was covered yet she had our wedding ring in her hand. It was a ten minutes video amd it was all full of various sex style," he stood after saying this. 
  • "All women are promiscuous and deceitful by default, I can't be surprised anymore, even my mother betrayed my father..." He said and began to pull off his clothes while Amy just watched. She didn't know whether she can now leave or stay. 
  • "I'm sorry," Amy said and he turned to her at once with a very stern look
  • "Do I look like someone that needs your pity? Keep your sorry and don't feel sorry for me. You can leave," he said. 
  • "If you need someone to talk to , you can..." 
  • "I said get out," he shouted and she jerked in fear and quickly walked out. 
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