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Chapter 113 Daughter, See Your Mother In Pain

  • When Amy suddenly heard sounds of numerous cars outside of her mansion, she ran to the cotton of the living room and swiped it open, she looked intently until she sighted Broderick Alessandro standing in the opened lorry. Just looking at him from afar, she could feel the heat of his anger. 
  • She watched as his men ran towards the gate that secured the mansion and destroyed it. Fear gripped her her heart tight and she ran immediately to Prince Nolan who was with the kids. 
  • "Prince Nolan!" She called, her heart almost slipping out of her mouth. 
  • Prince Nolan who had no idea what was going on turned to her with a smile, "Amy..." Seeing the fearful expression on her face, he asked," are you fine?" 
  • "Come with me , please," she said and walked out of the room that the children were. 
  • In a jiffy, she and Prince Nolan were in the hallway that leads down to the living room. "What's wrong?"
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