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Chapter 78 She's My Woman

  • "It's nothing serious, I'd like to keep it personal," Amy said to Broderick as he drove. Broderick wondered what Irvin could have gone out of his building to discuss with Amy. Even if Amy forgot something on his table, Irvin would rather wait for her to come back for it rather than to leave his office to give her or was it because he respected the relationship that may subsists between Amy and him?
  • Irvin was however one of the few people he trusted the most in this world. 
  • Broderick ignored and concentrated on driving, "will you like to spend some time with me or do you want to go home?" 
  • "I kind of have a lot on my mind, I'll like to go home," Amy said. 
  • "Alright," Broderick didn't stress her at all. When they got before her house, they both stepped down from the car. 
  • "Miss. Cleo, did you remember that I said I once have a gift for you?" Broderick asked. 
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