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Chapter 48 Was There A Feeling?

  • Martha walked out of the room when it was late at night, she was bored and as a matter of fact, she thought she would be living in the same room with Broderick, afterall, they were husband and wife, she never forsee that they would be living separately. 
  • She can only get to reveal her identity after she had had a baby for him, that way, no matter how angry he is, he would not be able to easily chase her away cause she has a baby for him. 
  • She impatiently walked towards the master room, she knocked on the door gently but got no response, she knocked on the door again and again and wondered if Broderick was inside or not. 
  • "Hello, " a majestic voice sounded behind her and she turned at once, seeing Broderick standing tall before her, her heart skipped and she swallowed. 
  • "Hi!" She smiled ," I felt lonely in my room and decided to come and check on you." 
  • "I don't like people intruding into my privacy. I am a very busy man, I hope you can understand that?" Broderick asked. 
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