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Chapter 47 Watch Your Back

  • "I'm suffocating...why are you possessive of me when you don't even love me?" she asked. 
  • He brought his face closer to her and said," Love is a hard word. It's for the heart to decide who to love. I'll let my heart decide whom to love between my childhood friend and you. But it's for me to decide who I own." He whispered to her ear and said,"you are mine, Amy are mine and will always be." 
  • Amy could feel his dick gain strength in his trouser, when he brought his face back to be opposite hers, he saw a look of intense lust, as if he can't wait to fuck her. Actually, she can't wait too. The last sex she had six years ago was with him and it feels so good and satisfying. 
  • Broderick let go of her slowly. 
  • "What if your childhood girlfriend is only making you honour your promise cause she is interested in your wealth and influence? Why didn't she appear all these years, why did she have to appear now?" Amy asked. 
  • "Irrespective of what her purpose is, I'll marry her because I promised her. And I'll divorce you because we both know this is a temporally arranged marriage. Nothing you say can change my mind," Broderick turned from her, opened the door and walked away. 
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