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Chapter 84 Gate Of Hell

  • Michael sat before Callan at the prisoner's visitor's arena, "Michael, such a long time. When did you come back to NorthHill?" 
  • "Six weeks ago. How many months left do you have left to spend in jail?" Michael asked. 
  • "Just three months but the three months looks like forever. I can't wait to get out of this fucking place," Callan shook his head," prison is not a nice experience at all." 
  • "Callan, so many things has happened in NorthHill since your absense. Are you family feeding you of the news?" 
  • "No. I told them to stop coming to visit me ever since I was informed of how Broderick beat the hell out of the man I sent to Amy to give her a letter. When I come out of prison, I'll come and claim her," Callan said with all sense of seriousness," Broderick will never be able to stop me." 
  • Michael smirked and kept quiet, when Callan saw that he wasn't saying any word, he asked, " why are you quiet?" 
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