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Chapter 12 Would We Meet Dad?

  • Ella alighted from the cab that dropped her at one of the biggest mansion in NorthHill, the building was extremely large and tall that if seven generations were living inside this mansion, they would all live there comfortably. 
  • This woman is indeed very wealthy, Ella thought to herself as she stepped in, she checked her wrist watch and saw that she was not late yet. Seeing that the main large door wasn't closed, she stepped inside and appeared at a large living room that had royal chairs and tables in it. 
  • "Hey Amy," 
  • Amy sighted the woman and walked quickly to her," mother, good morning!" 
  • "Welcome dear. I'm glad you eventually came as promised," she gestured for her to sit and she sat. 
  • "He would soon come, okay?" The woman said to Ella and she nodded. She was very nervous she didn't know if this son of hers would be ugly or handsome, kind or terrible, one who respects women or one who has no respect at all. Whichever way, she would see for herself soon. 
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