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Chapter 90 The Most Powerful Woman In NorthHill

  • One month later, Amy stepped out of the aeroplane with her travelling bag. 
  • She breathed in and mumbled," so nice to be welcomed by the fresh air of NorthHill." Amy was soon cleared of her luggage and then went to where the taxis were. She took a cab to her old apartment and hoped that someone else hasn't occupied to it. Luckily, it wasn't occupied yet. She opened the door and got in. 
  • She went to shower and rested on the bed for a while. About fifteen minutes later, she stood and dressed then walked out nervously. 
  • It's just one month, not many things would have changed. She stepped out and took a cab going to Broderick's mansion. 
  • Once she arrived there, she stepped down from the cab and walked towards the gate. She knocked on it gently and a strange guard appeared to her," how can we help your?"
  • "Please tell your head of guard to see me," Amy said. 
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