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Chapter 85 Make Her Yours

  • "Irvin, is this where the kidnapper kept you?" Amy asked hurriedly, believing that it was too dangerous to be here. 
  • Irvin nodded and sat upright," were you also kidnapped?" 
  • "No. My ex husband, Callan, told me to come here. I don't know how he know of this place but I guess I'll find out in the future," Amy said. 
  • "This place is too dangerous, we need leave this place," Irvin tried to stand with all the strength left in him. Amy almost felt crying for him, he looked so skinny. 
  • "Did you know the way out?" Irvin asked her. 
  • "I came through that C50 door, I don't think there is any other way out," Amy said. 
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