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  • Charles sneered, “Does it matter who said it? As you say, facts are facts. That's the key here. Does it really matter who told me about it?”
  • Sarah yelled back. “What makes you so sure that I made up rumors to frame Emma or and even drive her away? Do you have any evidence to prove that I have an intimate relationship with Frank? You just listen to others. Do you think it is right for you to frame your wife like this?”
  • Charles laughed hysterically. “Hum? Evidence? Would Emma lie to me?
  • She wouldn’t even blame you directly, but I can tell what you did to her from her fragmented sentences when she cried out to me. As for Frank, I have pictures. Do you want to take a look at yourself?”
  • While talking, Charles took his phone out and showed her some pictures. “Do you want to see these photos taken by some spectators? Who is that woman walking into the restaurant arm in arm with Frank?” He showed her the corresponding pictures as he spoke.
  • Sarah saw a blurred photo on his phone. The picture was showing Frank entering a restaurant with a woman in a white dress. They looked intimate, laughing, and talking. In some of the images, the woman was holding his hand, seemingly quite attached to him.
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