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Chapter 141: Kidnapping Her

  • Fortunately, Charles’s car was new with a powerful engine, stopping at a very short distance, preventing them from crashing.
  • The two cars nearly hit, almost like a warning. Both Sarah and Charles were startled and broke out in a cold sweat.
  • Charles got out of the car to ask the driver what happened, but before he reached the vehicle, a group of strong men, masked with black stockings, rushed out of the woods, and one of them hit Charles on the back of the head with something heavy. Charles fainted immediately.
  • Sarah had been watching them and yelled, “Charles!” and was about to get off to help him when one of the masked men opened the car and pulled her out. Sarah finally understood what was going on. Trying to resist, she firmly grasped onto the car, struggling, as she asked, “Who are you? What are you doing? You are breaking the law, let me go, let me go!”
  • But her struggles were useless as the men were much stronger than her and pulled her out of the car with ease. Before she could do anything, her mouth and nose were covered with a clot, and she fainted after screaming wildly. Once she was out, one of the men carried her on his shoulder to the minibus opposite the road.
  • The next thing Sarah knew, someone was pouring a basin of water on her to wake her up. In this cold winter, the basin of water felt like a piercing blade itching on her body, causing her pain. She tried hard to open her eyes to look around but could only see a few strange fat men standing in front of her and stared at her indifferently.
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