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Chapter 42: AT THE WEDDING

  • Afterward, things were orderly: Sarah put on the wedding dress, make-up, and got ready. Sarah’s friends and bridesmaids also came, got changed, and then had their make-up done. Then, they took several pictures. After doing this, it was just before dawn, so they began to drive to the church. Sophia, who was finally waking up, was very active and kept talking in the car. Charles jokingly called her a sparrow. Then he quietly took Sarah’s hand and said, “Seeing your sister like this, I feel like our children will have a healthy heart. You can always protect the people you love very well.”
  • After listening to the priest’s prayers and exchanging the rings in the church, they went back to Charles’s villa, where everyone - their relatives, friends, celebrities - came. Charles’s garden was beautifully decorated – it was like an imperial palace. Everything was like a dream - so wonderful, so unreal.
  • Charles and Sarah went inside with everyone’s blessings. At last, Sarah saw Emma, who stood far away. Her expression was so strange, which Sarah couldn’t understand…
  • Sarah was very surprised and stared at Emma. It had never occurred to Sarah that Emma would come back from Chicago to attend their wedding. She had heard before that Emma was very busy and couldn’t ask for leave. What’s more, Emma and Charles had been together before. Would Emma feel embarrassed and sad if she came back and attended Charles’s wedding? However, she did come back, and she appeared at the wedding in a timely manner.
  • Obviously, Charles saw Emma, but he just stared at her. Sarah raised her head and saw Charles, whose expression was firm and resolute. It seemed that his heart was set on Sarah. Finally, Charles smiled at Emma, then held Sarah’s hand and walked straight towards Emma.
  • Sarah lowered her head and felt the warmth of Charles’s palm, which was like a warm flow that dispelled all her chills at once. All her previous worries and anxieties vanished at this moment. Did Charles’s actions mean that he had completely forgotten his former love and only loved her?
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