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  • Sarah was a little cautious. She always felt trapped when talking to this woman, who clearly seemed to dislike her. "I am choosing bed sheets. What's the matter? Should I come back home?" Sarah said nervously.
  • "Why do you still call me, Mrs. Thomas, when you are getting married? You will be a lady of the Thomas family; how can you go out picking sheets by yourself? What a shameful thing! You should order the merchant to provide a home delivery service for you." Mrs. Thomas's tone was very strict. It seemed that she was blaming her.
  • Sarah kept silent while tightly squeezing the sheets in her hands. She felt upset but didn't dare say anything about it.
  • Mrs. Thomas exhaled sharply down the phone and said, "You go back now. You needn't show yourself outside. I want to discuss something with you."
  • "Charles's apartment or back to the family home?" asked Sarah carefully.
  • "The family home, of course. Or don't you plan on living at our house after you get married?" Mrs. Thomas said severely.
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