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  • Charles was surprised to see that she had gotten up and smiled, “You awake, dear? Why not sleep a little longer?” He walked toward her and touched her forehead as he asked her in a low voice. “Are you hungry? Do you want to eat breakfast?”
  • Seeing his caring reaction toward Sarah, Emma was unhappy, but she had no choice but to look away and ignore them.
  • “No, we can eat later. But why is Emma leaving so quickly?” She asked. Though her voice sounded sincere, she was secretly celebrating her success in making Emma leave. If Emma wanted to go because she couldn’t stand to see her and Charles happy and intimate with each other, then she may give up and let them live a happy life, and Sarah wouldn't have to worry Emma was interfering in their relationship anymore.
  • “She came directly from Australia to us yesterday without going home first, so she is anxious to go visit mom and dad now.”
  • Sarah smiled and walked up to Emma, “Why not staying here for another few days? Given that you come here first, you must not be in such a hurry to see dad and mom. You may as well stay here for another few days now.”
  • Emma didn’t seem to be surprised at Sarah's invitation but looked at Sarah with a smile as she answered. “Sarah, I can come here another day. Today I must visit my parents first, and then I can come to live here as soon as I'm free.”
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