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  • Charles drove the car to the garage and locked the door before he walked inside. Sarah was sitting arrogantly on the sofa, watching TV without looking at him.
  • Charles got angrier when he saw her ignoring him. Fetching himself a can of beer, he sat beside her to drink it and watch TV, ignoring her too. They both remained in silence, deliberately.
  • Sarah was watching her usual TV show, but Charles deliberately turned to a sports channel to watch the football match which Sarah hated most. Sarah looked at him with cold eyes. Charles, however, was laughing out loud, watching the game while drinking his beer.
  • Sarah finally can’t stand it anymore, but she was unwilling to fight with him, so she went upstairs to take a shower and go to sleep.
  • After watching for an hour, Charles also came upstairs. After taking a shower, he saw Sarah was lying on the bed. Sarah had heard him coming and rolled over curled up in the quilt, ignoring him.
  • Charles glanced at her. There was no quilt left for him. He gently called out: “Sarah!”
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