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Chapter 26 I LOVE YOU

  • Emma walked over to him and said, gently, "Brother, she is gone."
  • "Let her go!" Charles replied
  • "Don't you love her?" Emma asked lightly. She wasn't sure how she wanted him to respond.
  • Charles kept silent for a long time and sighed deeply. Then, he looked at Emma helplessly and said, "I don't know, Emma. So, I can't promise her anything."
  • Emma felt conflicted by her emotions. She lowered her head, walked up behind him, and slowly hugged him, "Charles, you will always be my beloved brother whatever you choose." There were always obstacles within relationships. If Charles's father didn't adopt her at a young age, she wouldn't have become his sister. If she wasn't her sister, she could have been with him. However, if she wasn't adopted, then she would never have met Charles.
  • Emma didn't know why, but she always felt that Charles was pushing her away. She sobbed, "Charles, do you still love me?" Although she knew they couldn't be together, she still couldn't help but ask him.
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