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  • When Emma was about to pass the security check, she suddenly stopped, turned around, and smiled at Charles. “Brother, I’m leaving. Did you get me a farewell gift as well?”
  • “What?” Charles was confused, but Emma jumped toward him and hugged and kissed him. Smiling innocently, she said. “This is my farewell gift!”
  • Sarah didn’t expect that Emma would be so frank, especially in front of her. She was becoming more aggressive and arrogant by the minute. Sarah whispered a silent curse.
  • Charles was utterly taken by surprise by Emma and quickly pushed her away, looking at Sarah. He was afraid Sarah would be angry and said to Emma in a pretend angry tone. “You're an adult, how can you still behave like this, especially in front of Sarah?”
  • Instead of retracting herself, Emma just replied shamelessly, “It's just a goodbye kiss, I'm sure my sister-in-law won’t care!” She smiled at Sarah and continued, “Sarah, am I right? You don’t mind, do you? Or, you are really that stingy!”
  • Sarah sneered. She disliked Emma so much but couldn’t do anything except calming herself down, telling herself that there was no point in arguing with a bitch!
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