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Chapter 22 CAN WE TALK?

  • In the following days, Sarah didn't leave her apartment. When she was hungry, she would order takeout. Charles continued to lurk downstairs. Sometimes he would leave for a while but he would soon return. It seemed that he wouldn't leave until she went out to talk to him.
  • Sarah was tired of being confined to her home, so she called her friend to come over. When her friend came, they exchanged clothes. Then, Sarah went downstairs, wearing a cap. Charles saw a woman who was leaving the building, but he thought it was the woman who had walked in, so he didn't pay much attention to her. Therefore, Sarah successfully escaped from her home and quickly went to the airport by taxi. It didn't matter where she went, and she simply didn't want to stay in this city any longer.
  • On her way to the airport, she switched on her phone to tell Sophia where she was going. When the phone had loaded, Sarah found numerous missed calls, all of which were from Charles. Sophia hadn't called her. Instead, she had sent several messages. Sarah thought for a moment and then messaged Sophia, "I am going away, traveling. We may lose touch for a few days, but I will call you, don't worry."
  • After answering Sophia, she found a message from Charles. She hesitated for a while and then read it, "I'm sorry, I miss you!"
  • Sarah became suddenly overwhelmed with sadness and began to question him in her mind. What was his purpose? He had already said that all he wanted to be her body. Why was he trying to show her affection again and again? Everything he had done had caused her nothing but misery. Did he still want to sleep with her? Sarah closed her eyes and tried to block out any thoughts about Charles.
  • To her surprise, she received another message. She thought it would be from Sophia, but discovered that it was from an unknown number which read, "It's Emma. I want to talk with you about everything that's happened in the last few days. I want to say sorry. I hope you can give me a chance to talk with you!"
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