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  • Christina seemed to be really worried this time about Mr. Thomas. Instead of starting an argument with Charles and Sarah, she just answered in a calm and helpless tone. “Still in surgery.”
  • Emma stood up and sobbed, “Brother… Dad’s condition is dire this time, will he be ok? Charles, I’m really worried about dad!”
  • Charles patted her shoulder to comfort her, but Emma, who was even more insatiable than usual, held Charles’s waist and cried out to him, “Brother, I’m so afraid, I’m afraid he won't make it, will he be ok?”
  • Sarah felt so ridiculous when she saw her acting like this, but she could do nothing but sneer silently, Emma was really a shameless person. Even at the moment like this, she still remembered to try to take advantage of the situation, so brazen!
  • Christina just stood there and looked at them with a slightly triumphant smile, consenting to Emma's behavior.
  • Charles had no choice but to comfort Emma since she looked genuinely grieved and depressed.
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