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Chapter 131: The News Of Pregnancy Spread Quickly

  • Christina was shocked by Emma's abnormal behavior. She first glanced at her husband's room top to ensure that he wouldn't see them, then closed the door behind her, and took Emma by her hand and pulled her to a corner for privacy. “What’s wrong with you, Emma?”
  • “Mom, I just went out to buy food with my brother, using the chance to strengthen my bond with him, but everything is destroyed by Sarah now. All he can see now is Sarah, he doesn't have eyes for me at all!”
  • Christina saw Emma's tears bursting through her eyelids with great pain. She grabbed her arms and asked, “Emma, what’s wrong? What happened to the good girl crying like this? Tell me, Sarah, that vixen, what did she do now to make you so angry and cry? Tell me, I’ll help you to fight back!”
  • Emma raised her head angrily and said in between sobs. “No, she didn’t do anything to me, it's better than that. Sarah, she… she's pregnant. Mom, we have no merit!”
  • Mrs. Thomas stared at Emma for a long time with a sophisticated and shocked look. Finally, after a long time, she asked, stunned. “What? Say that again!”
  • “Sarah's pregnant!” Emma cried out.
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