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  • Sarah was still struggling but gave in eventually, feeling that Charles was already entering her body and started penetrating her gradually, getting deeper and deeper with every stroke. Sarah couldn’t help but moan in pleasure, losing all strength and willingness to push him away.
  • Charles was an eager and energetic man. Last night he had made love to her so many times, and tonight he still wanted her over and over again. Sarah started to think that Charles was so much for her and that she hardly could keep up with him when she finally fainted in pleasure.
  • She vaguely remembered Charles wiping her body while calling her name before he finally embraced her and fall asleep.
  • Sarah woke up from her alarm at six o’clock in the morning. Waking up in a daze, she hit the snooze button, feeling too tired to get up since she had only slept for a few hours last night. Making love turned out to be hard work, and Charles wouldn't rest until they had done it at least three or four times every night, making her feel so exhausted in the morning.
  • She had no choice but to get up, given that she had promised Mrs. Thomas to go back to Los Angeles first thing in the morning.
  • Squinting her eyes and trying to wake herself up, Sarah shook her head and was about to stand up when Charles suddenly reached over to her and hugged her from the back, asking in a sleepy voice. “What are you doing?... It’s still too early to get up. Stay with me for a while.”
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