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  • Carrie seemed to be in the amusement park with Lucas. Sarah heard laughter beside her. Carrie raised her voice from the noise, “Yes, hey Sarah, what’s the matter?”
  • “I want to talk with you about something. Are you free today?” Sarah also raised her voice for Carrie to be able to hear her better.
  • “What’s the matter? Did something happen between you and Charles?” Carrie asked.
  • Unsure what to say, Sarah was stuttering for a while until she finally answered, “Well… yes somewhat… I feel it's too complicated to explain on the phone, so I wanted to talk to you in person if possible.”
  • “Alas…” Carrie sighed. Sarah wasn't sure if that sign was because Carrie was frustrated with Charles or with Sarah herself, but then Carrie added, “Why are you guys having so many problems? I told you that you two should try to communicate and understand each other, or else how can you maintain your marriage?”
  • “This time, it’s not just a matter of understanding, but a matter of principle,” Sarah replied firmly.
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