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Chapter 145: I Want To See The News

  • He owed her the promise of a happy life. Knowing that he couldn’t keep his promise to her anymore, given that they had no future together, she wanted to go to Texas and see the tulips by herself, and then from there to the Maldives, just like they had planned before everything had fallen apart. She was going to achieve her dreams, and on the way, forgets about Charles. She wasn't willing to live in regrets for the rest of her life.
  • Once the gang leader noticed that Sarah had figured out a plan, he immediately became kind to her, “Okay, you can go anywhere you want. We’ll handle all the formalities right now. You’d better leave right away and never come back. Charles can never see you again!”
  • Sarah was still numb but answered dazedly, “If I leave, I won’t come back. When can I go? I’ll just let my sister know, or else she’ll be worried.” Perhaps her sister was the only person who would be worried about her if she suddenly just disappeared.
  • “You'll leave tomorrow. You better call your sister tonight and make sure she won’t tell Charles where you are! Otherwise… hum!” He looked at the knife in his hand in a threatening way.
  • “I see!” Sarah answered indifferently. She had made the final decision to leave Charles for good.
  • Hundreds of people were roaming at the airport. People are rushing back and forth, coming and going to places. They were all strangers to each other, but everyone had their own story to tell.
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