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  • “You can cook?” Sarah squinted at him doubtfully. She didn’t believe that he knew how to cook, given that he had been raised with a live-in nanny.”
  • As expected, Charles replied, “Perhaps…I can’t. But it can't be that hard. I just put the noodles into the water with some oil and salt.”
  • “Is it?” Sarah still doubted. Suddenly, a strong smell was coming from the kitchen. Frowning, she sniffed and asked. “What is it? Is something burning?”
  • Charles jumped up immediately and patted his leg. “Oh, I forgot to add the water. I was just about to do it when you came. My noodles have burned!” he rushed into the kitchen.
  • Sarah yelled from outside, “Charles… Charles… ” but didn't get a response. She had no choice but to jump down and walk toward the kitchen. Walking in, she saw black smoke rising from the pan of burnt noodles. Charles gave it to her and said, “I put out the fire. But… It seems that… my noodles are burned.”
  • Sarah nearly laughed out loud when seeing that noodles. They were burned entirely. She couldn't help herself and laughed. Charles looked are her and asked. “Why are you laughing at me? Is it my first time to cook.”
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