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Chapter 25 DO YOU LOVE ME NOW?

  • This time, Charles didn’t resist her and let her go easily. He looked at her coldly and said, “This is my home. Do you think you can go now without my permission?”
  • Sarah clenched her teeth and stared at Charles. Eventually, Sarah calmed down and said, “Okay, if you really want to talk to me, we can have a talk in public. What do you expect to win by keeping me here, Charles? My heart, my body, or do you just want to play some kind of sick power game with me?”
  • “Sarah, what am I supposed to do? It is impossible to get you to listen to me like a reasonable adult!” Charles yelled.
  • “Charles, I did love you before, but that’s because I was naïve and ignorant of your deception. I knew you were a playboy, but I thought that just maybe you would be loyal to me. However, I waited for you for so long, and all you ever did was make me upset. All you want is my body. You treat me like any other woman in your life. I’m just here to be conquered, aren’t I Charles? No love exists between us. Perhaps you do love someone, but it’s not me. Now I can finally see clearly, and I want to leave, so why do you stop me? What the hell do you want? No matter how rich you are, you will never be powerful enough to keep me here. You are not a God, Charles, and you are just a man! You can’t get everything as long as I’ve got my pride! Why should I be your little plaything? Why should you fool me again and again?”
  • “How can you say that?” Charles replied.
  • “I just want to ask you one thing.” Sarah snapped, sharply, “Do you love me now? I know you didn’t love me before, but your sister told me that you cared about me. I know what you’ve been doing recently to try and win me back, but I still can’t trust you that easily. So, I want to ask you, and I want you to answer me honestly. Do you love me now? If you say yes, then perhaps I can trust you and stay here. If not, then please let me go! You have no right to keep me here!”
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