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Chapter 111: HOW IS HE NOW?

  • Since Sarah was urging him, Charles called back again, but no one answered. He raised his head and said doubtfully. “Dad still doesn’t answer his phone.”
  • Sarah felt that something was wrong. After thinking for a while, she said, “He just called us, why doesn’t the answer now? Is something wrong with him?”
  • Trying to come up with a reason, Charles answered. “Maybe he felt lonely and wanted to talk to us, but then something came up, and he couldn’t answer my call.”
  • “Do you think your dad is so bored? If he feels lonely, he won’t hesitate and call us, and he won’t ignore your call. That’s so unlike him.” Sarah analyzed.
  • “What else do you think it could be?” Charles questioned.
  • Sarah had no idea and remained silent for a while to think, then she suddenly suggested. “Or you could call your mom to ask!”
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