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Chapter 138: All Sense Of Color Had Vanish

  • Christina almost fainted. Fortunately, this time there were nurses close by to steady her and prevent her from falling. She cried out loud and hurried towards her husband.
  • Emma also cried, “Dad… Dad… ” As she runs toward his bedside.
  • Charles and Sarah followed them quietly. All four were standing around Mr. Thomas’s bed, looking at him and crying. He was wearing an oxygen mask and an IV drip on his right hand, his eyes closed, and his face was pale as if he was already gone.
  • Together, they managed to wake him up with some effort. He opened his eyes slightly and glanced at them, slowly moving his eyes from one to another. From his expression, it seemed that his eyes were blurred and that he couldn't see them clearly.
  • Sarah couldn't contain herself and started to cry out loud, hardly able to keep standing still. Charles had to hold her to prevent her from falling. She remembered when her father had died back when she was only 13, and she and her sister had been standing at his bedside, just like they were now, and watched as her father passed away.
  • No matter how hard she had shouted, her father hadn't responded and left them alone. Sarah didn’t know how to express her feelings at this moment. Overcome from sadness, she was unwilling to see the second man who had loved her as a father die. Death was so cruel, and no matter how much money a person has, no one can escape its claws.
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