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Chapter 28 CLEVER GIRL

  • Lowering her head, Sarah didn't know what to say. She didn't know why Charles had behaved like that. They had just broken up, and she didn't think Charles even loved her. If he had, he wouldn't have been silent when she asked him that day that he let her leave him without a word. Considering this, she couldn't understand why he'd been driven to such a point of despair, what did he want to happen?
  • Holding Sarah's hands, Emma said, "Sarah, after all of this, surely you can see that my brother really loves you. Please don't leave him."
  • Sarah looked at Emma and asked, "He loves you, though, doesn't he?"
  • Shaking her head, Emma cried again, "I came here half expecting him to, but I know that he doesn't love me anymore. It's you whom he cares for. Besides, this time I've only come back to see my parents. It won't be long before I go back to Chicago. After he recovers, we will separate again, then what can I do? You are the one who can accompany him for the rest of his life."
  • Sarah didn't know what to say, so they stayed silent. Since Charles couldn't admit that he loved her, she was unable even to consider his affection for her.
  • While Emma and Sarah were talking to each other, Mrs. Thomas suddenly came over and said, "Sarah, can I talk to you?"
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