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  • As a matter of fact, although the decoration of their wedding hall was westernized, all the process was basically in accordance with Eastern customs. There was a tradition where people celebrated the wedding in the bridal chamber. One person hung a red jujube in the middle of the room and then asked the bride and groom to eat it together at the same time. Sarah and Charles tried many times, but they still couldn’t bite the jujube, and only hit each other’s mouths several times. Seeing that they failed to eat the jujube, everyone burst into laughter. In front of so many people, both Sarah and Charles felt so embarrassed.
  • Finally, they succeeded in biting the jujube together, each eating half. Then, the people were deprived of their fun, so they coaxed them into kissing each other. Sarah’s face was all red, and she was so shy. When she was about to refuse, Charles hugged her, without saying a word, and kissed her.
  • The kiss was so stirring that everyone around them was excited-they clapped and cheered. Sarah and Charles were embracing and kissing each other in the midst of the blessings of the people. In the beginning, Sarah felt embarrassed, but then she gradually accepted it. At last, she felt the kiss to be romantic and incredible. Of course, thanks to Charles, who was a great kisser, Sarah stopped feeling frightened.
  • Finally, after more than one minute, Charles let go of her, and let go of her tongue. Sarah’s face was red, like a drunken shrimp. Then, she caught a glimpse of Emma accidentally. She was standing in the corner of the room and left in the midst of the applause. It seemed that she couldn’t bear to see the scene just now.
  • Sarah felt sorry for Emma’s sadness. However, it took two people to make or break a relationship. It was Emma who first proposed to Charles to break up, and very firmly. Now Charles had already found his love, but Emma still couldn’t let it go. And then, the one who got hurt was just Emma.
  • Even so, Sarah felt a little guilty because she could not bear to see Emma’s sadness, but the only thing she could do was to pray for Emma to cheer up quickly and find her true love soon.
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