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Chapter 144: Living A Miserable Life

  • "Every time he suspects you of something, you will get hurt deeper and deeper. Is it worth it? We were hired to do a job, and we are going to finish it. I tried to reason with you and to leave Charles willingly. If you think about it, I’m quite helpful to you, right? I'm actually helping you to unveil the real Charles in front of you, you should be grateful to have this chance to escape. Isn't it better for you to just leave now while you still can?”
  • Sarah spits on his face in response. That criminal burst in anger and slapped her face, scorning, “I'm done with you, I have other things to tend to. I'll give you two days to think about what you want to do next. If you still refuse to reason at the end of two days, I will kill you without hesitating. I'm wasting my time trying to talk sense into a silly woman like you!”
  • After he was done ranting, he ordered everyone else to go out, and closed the warehouse door after them, extinguishing all lights, leaving her alone in the dark.
  • Sarah looked to the top of the warehouse in the darkness, where a small glimmer of light came through the cracks. Suddenly she felt overcome by sadness, and scenes of her love story and marriage life passed in her mind like she was watching a movie.
  • In the beginning, it had all been too sweet and fairytale-like, but very soon, it had turned sour with nothing left but tormented moments. Both Christina and Emma had continuously interfered between her and Charles, making him distrust her and believe that she was having an affair with Daniel. He had listened to his mom and sister mistreat her verbally to hurt her yet had done nothing to stop them.
  • It looked like their love had only been in her imagination. She used to think that as long as they loved each other, they would be able to make it, but could they really ever overcome everything they had suffered?
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