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Chapter 67: WHY ARE YOU HERE?

  • Sarah hadn’t expected him to mention it and lifted her head quickly in defense. “Dad, no, that’s not true…”
  • Mr. Thomas raised his hand to stop her. “You’re a good girl. No need to explain yourself to me. I know it’s not easy to be between them, one is my wife, and the other is my son. How could I not know? I just want to persuade you.”
  • Sarah looked up at him, seemingly waiting for his advice.
  • Mr. Thomas put his hands on the table with fingers crossed, thinking for a while. “Rather than to persuade you, I am going to beg you. My wife has a bad temper, but she has made great contributions to my family over time. Without her, my business wouldn’t be running so smoothly. Everyone knows that my wife helps me a lot, and people admire me for having such an amazing wife. What’s more, as a couple, we have a good relationship and have always gotten along well, except for the difference in opinion when it comes to Charles’s wedding.”
  • “Dad… I’m sorry…”
  • Mr. Thomas stopped her again. “It is not your fault, please just hear me out. I have been with my wife for over thirty years now, she has done many things for me. I always spoiled her and compromised with her, even when she had a bad temper. But when it comes to Charles’s marriage, I support you firmly, whereas my wife is completely against it. I won’t let her break you up, so please, if something happens in the future, be tolerant toward my wife no matter how serious it gets.”
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