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  • Sarah tried to calm herself down and smiled, “Emma, you are back. I’m surprised and happy to see you here. I don’t expect you to cook for me. It looks like I’ll eat a lot tonight. Wait for me, I’ll go upstairs to change my clothes, and then I’ll cook for you too!”
  • Sarah went upstairs with a smile on her face. Charles was surprised, wondering why Sarah’s expressions changed so fast.
  • But Emma looking after Sarah as she left and suddenly bowed her head. She seemed to be a bit frustrated at Sarah’s response, it was beyond her expectations. Sarah wasn’t angry and didn’t even try to argue with Charles. Was she not angry seeing her intimately interacting with Charles?
  • Once upstairs, Sarah reflected on her actions just now. She felt that she had done well, better than Emma, and Charles would not think of her as stingy and jealous. Emma, our seesaw battle has just begun. Do you want to fight against me and break up my marriage? I will never let that happen! Sarah thought to herself.
  • After changing her clothes, Sarah came down to help right away. Emma wanted to show off her excellent cooking skills, but Sarah was determined to outshine her. After all, Emma was not the only person who knows how to cook in the world. Sarah thought she could do much better, given that she had lived alone for a long time. Plus, Emma was raised in a rich environment where she never had to help in the kitchen.
  • All three were in the kitchen, Sarah was cutting some of the ingredients on her own, watching Emma and Charles busy with their food. Sarah wanted to test Emma if she really knew what she was doing, but as expected, it looked like it was the first time she was frying a fish and doing a terrible job.
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