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Chapter 146: Their Son Unveils Them

  • Sarah answered in a hurry, “I'm not escaping, I just want to see the news. Something is going on, and I need to see it! Please let me see the news.” Sarah threw all her belongings and started to run.
  • The two guys were about to chase her but had to be careful not to attract unwanted attention from the secret police patrolling the airport. However, as soon as those policemen saw them, they communicated through their walkie-talkie and came towards them as if they knew who they were, and we're going to arrest them.
  • Surprised, one of the criminals asked. “What’s going on? The cops are coming towards us!”
  • The other criminal looked toward the cops and said. “Stay calm, maybe they are not after us. We have to remain calm!”
  • More and more police officers arrived and came running straight toward them. Seeing that they were caught, one of them shouted, “Run! something is going on here!”
  • Panicked, they ran off as the police chased after them, shouting, “Freeze, freeze!” They ran out of the waiting room.
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