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Chapter 150: Six Months Later

  • It had been six months since Sarah gave Charles one last chance at the airport. They now were living happy and in love, far away from Christina and Emma. Their life had finally turned peaceful again, even though Charles was very busy maintaining two companies.
  • Christina was serving a 3-year prison sentence, and Emma had gone to travel.
  • Every night when Charles came home late, he looked exhausted to the point that he could hardly open his eyes. Sarah felt bad for him, but there was nothing she could do to alleviate his workload.
  • As the only son, Charles was responsible for continuing the family business. The was now the head of both Thomas companies, and Sarah understood what he was going through.
  • Previously she had been furious when he mentioned that his aunt would help to raise their children when he was busy at work, she had felt it very irresponsible of him to want to escape his parental duties. But now she started to understand him better and knew that he had thought it through at that time and knew what he was talking about.
  • At that time, she didn’t understand him and had been so angry at him. Seeing how busy he was now, she realized and stopped arguing about it. Once Charles noticed that she accepted the idea, she seemed to feel guilty of leaving her home alone so often.
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