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  • Noticing her unfriendly tone, Sarah knew that Christina was looking for trouble, but she couldn't refuse if Mr. Thomas indeed needed her. Instead of refusing to go, she asked further. “Did something happen to Mr. Thomas? All right, I will go back tomorrow morning.”
  • “Don’t let Charles know about it, or you should know the consequences if we fight again!” Christina threatened her before she hung up the phone.
  • Sarah was scared that Charles would have heard their loud voices. After the call ended, she shook her head and smiled bitterly, thinking that it was even harder now to get along with Mrs. Thomas than it had been before.
  • She knew why Christina didn't want Charles to know about calling her, she was only looking for troubles for Sarah, and not from Charles. Even though Sarah felt unwilling to fall for her trap, she had no choice, with her father-in-law being involved. She had to go back to take care of him. What's more, she didn’t want to fight with Christina again like last time, so she had no choice but to listen to her and go back there tomorrow morning.
  • Why was she married suffering from so many troubles even though she and Charles were happy with each other? She had never been one to yield to anyone, not even when she was little. It had been because of her strong character that her relatives had refused to adopt her after her parents had passed away, but now she had no choice but to tolerate Mrs. Thomas for Charles and his father, she wasn't alone this time. She loved Charles and respected Mr. Thomas. She wouldn’t make them embarrassed just to protect herself.
  • Sighing deeply, Sarah stepped back into the living room. Arranging the rest of the flower, she kept thinking about what to do until she felt Charles embrace her from behind. “What are you thinking about? Daring, it’s late already, let’s go to bed.”
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