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Chapter 94

  • It's been a year since Thunder and Jewel were blessed with a new child. Their family became even happier.
  • It has been three weeks since they returned to the Philippines because they stayed in New York for almost a year because Thunder wanted to spend time with his family and his wife did not object.
  • They are very grateful because for a year no problem came to them or no one tried to ruin them again, except for the occasional quarrel or fight that is normal in a couple.
  • And today is their wedding anniversary but they can't celebrate it today because they are leaving tomorrow, because their parents gave them a gift so they can have time with each other. They really want to include their two children, but their friends stop them.
  • Unbeknownst to the couple, their friends were already at their house to prepare a surprise for them. They are not at home yet so they do not know their plans, because they left for groceries.
  • Jewel is currently in the car because they just finished shopping with her husband Thunder and they also didn't stay long at the mall because they left their child behind but they are confident because they have babysitters.
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